Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Little Miss Chav

My younger daughter has this on her Bebo - deeply unsuitable I suppose but I can't fault her sense of humour. (Bebo is like My Space, it's a sort of blog system with bells and whistles for easily uploading videos, pictures, music and stuff).

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Freedom to say that which does not offend is no freedom at all

Gordon Brown demonstrates the correct method for strangling freedom of speech.

After that charming pair from the British National Party were rightly cleared of inciting racial hatred, our prime-minister-in-waiting's remarks about outlawing words that "offend mainstream opinion" were more worrying than anything uttered by the impotent bigots of the BNP. Freedom to say that which does not offend is no freedom at all. Indeed it is only "extreme" views that need protecting, since the mainstream can look after itself. Free speech means what it says - no bans on right wing demagogues, Islamist firebrands or even sexist football managers.

Worse still was the suggestion that the law should be altered to ensure that, next time the State stages a trial of political dissidents, they will be found guilty. Such cynical manipulation of the justice system for political ends is something we might normally associate with the "public safety" committee of some little police state.

Wonko rightly wonders what race hate laws have got to do with the Treasury, and the Tartan Taxman is runaway winner in his poll yet again.

I believe passionately that Brown should NOT be foist upon us. I do not want a democratically illigitimate Stalinist Prime Minister and if truth be told I can't imagine many of Nu Labour do either. But they seem to think he's some sort of benign comedy jock. (We ALL do love a comedy jock).

If they could see him for what he really is, they'd be suitably scared. Grrr. See.

Why can't we have a general election when Blair stands down? Then we can all vote for Nice Dave and hug a hoodie.

Friday, November 17, 2006

It's the way the eyes follow you...

You know I like a bit of art, well, what makes it special is the way a static image seems to "live". You know, the way the eyes follow you round the room and you sort of imagine the picture is pulling faces behind your back.

But that would be silly, wouldn't it?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Left brain / right brain conflict

Since you all enjoyed my post about the left brain right brain conflict where you had to find the man's head, I thought you might enjoy this one.

You simply have to see how fast you can say the colours in the chart below. The aim of the game is to say the COLOUR not read the word.

It produces a left brain/right brain conflict, whereby the right brain tries to say the colour, and the left brain tries to read the colour. Personally I find it very hard not to read the word...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Being a chav is the new cool, according to Vogue.

The magazine claims chav fashion made famous by Little Britain's Vicky Pollard is the new chic for next year and dubs the trend "upmarket-downmarket."

Kebabs, jelly shoes, fluffy slippers and package holidays are listed in its predictions for 2007 cooldom.

Louis Vuitton has created jelly shoes for £160 per pair, diamante is big at Giorgio Armani, and iPod cases have been given the treatment by Miu Miu.

Package holidays, are now deemed cool because Club Med has opened a luxurious resort in Phuket, Thailand.

According to Sky a spokesman for Vogue said: "Cheap and cheerful favourites are going up in the world. The buzzphrase is 'upmarket-downmarket'."

What a relief! It seems the Evil Daughter is a trendsetter after all! And if she's very lucky I might let her have a car...

Christmas Stamps

Would you say Adam Crozier is having a laugh at our expense because he can't take a bit of ribbing about being an overpaid fat cat? Is it religion that he's having a plop (sic) at? Or is it merely a coincidence? The Mirror doesn't think so.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Management Today