Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm going to the pub.

My sister used my Dad's phone to ring me, just now, I thought it was him. But she was ringing to say he died 10 minutes ago.

A friend texted me ten minutes before that to tell me his mother died at twenty past nine this morning. I'm going to join him in the pub.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Auto Commercial

This ad is still one of the best I've seen, make sure your speakers are on and turned up because the sound track is a bit faint on this clip. It's not often that you see a piece of work and genuinely wish you'd made it, but this is one. It's subtle so you have to concentrate but it really gets to the heart of the brand proposition. It's just brilliant.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Why are there still doubts about Rooney's fitness?

Friday, October 06, 2006

If this doesn't make you laugh....

I was feeling a bit down in the dumps and a friend sent this to cheer me up! It worked! Speakers on.

How creative are you?

The brain is divided into two major parts or hemispheres, the right brain and the left brain. Each of the parts of the brain specializes in its own style of thinking and has different capabilities.

The Left Brain

The left brain is associated with verbal, logical, and analytical thinking. It excels in naming and categorizing things, symbolic abstraction, speech, reading, writing, arithmetic. The left brain is very linear: it places things in sequential order -- first things first and then second things second, etc. If you reflect back upon our own educational training, we have been traditionally taught to master the 3 R's: reading, writing and arithmetic -- the domain and strength of the left brain.

The Right Brain

The right brain, on the other hand, functions in a non-verbal manner and excels in visual, spatial, perceptual, and intuitive information. The right brain processes information differently from the left brain.

For the right brain, processing happens very quickly and the style of processing is nonlinear and nonsequential. The right brain looks at the whole picture and quickly seeks to determine the spatial relationships of all the parts as they relate to the whole.

This component of the brain is not concerned with things falling into patterns because of prescribed rules. On the contrary, the right brain seems to flourish dealing with complexity, ambiguity and paradox. At times, right brain thinking is difficult to put into words because of its complexity, its ability to process information quickly and its non-verbal nature. The right brain has been associated with the realm of creativity.

So here's a little test:

Take a close look at the picture below and find the man's head.

If you can find the man's head in a few seconds your right brain is more developed than normal people, which means you are highly creative.

If you can find the Man's Head within 1 minute, your right brain is normally developed.

If you can find the Man's Head within 1-3 minutes, your right brain is slower in reacting, so you're probably more analytical than creative.

If you can't find the Man's Head, your right brain's a disaster... extremely slow in reacting, my only suggestion is to apply for the shortly to become avaialable position as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

AND YES THERE REALLY IS A MAN IN THERE... and yes this is faintly topical...

Good luck finding the man!