Friday, November 18, 2005

The Russians are coming!

According to UEFA, in the wake of the riots in France, a Russian politician has offered some unwelcome help to the French government by threatening to send Russian football hooligans to sort the problem out.

In a telegram sent to France, right-wing politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who is also deputy speaker of the Russian parliament, said: "We are ready with volunteer units of football fans and activists who have served in military combat hot spots. I am convinced that our initiative would restore total order and calm the rioting within 48 hours."

Flippin' heck! That puts our hooligans in the shade! Crikey, more's the point, that puts our politicians in the shade. Anyone for resurrecting Alan Clark?

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Blogger Span Ows said...

Well as Russia haven't qualified for the World Cup I'm sure they would be happy to accept invitations to train and lead groups of other countries hooligans.

Fri Nov 18, 07:02:00 PM GMT  

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