Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Some Rights Reserved

I've been learning about Creative Commons Licensing. There's a whole spectrum of rights possibilities, from full copyright - all rights reserved - to the public domain where no rights are reserved.

When you create a work it's automatically protected by full copyright whether you file for protection or not, and whether you display the copyright symbol © or not. This is fine for people who want to control every last use of their work. I for one, however, would be delighted if people wanted to quote my blatherings. I'm also vain enough to like the idea of having the quote attributed to me! I also think that innovation and new ideas come from building off existing ones.

So in the interests of sharing, I am permitting the world to display copy and webcast my work, provided they attribute it properly and don't flog it commercially. If anybody makes any money out of this, it should be me! So I hereby award this blog a Creative Commons license.

Gavin Corder (which is in fact a nom de plume - but I know who I am!)


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