Saturday, December 10, 2005

How to say 'sick as a parrot' in German

Don't you just love the British Embassy in Germany! They've launched a new web site for the 2006 World Cup on Friday that includes handy German phrases, such as "He was sick as a parrot" or "He puked his guts up," for British fans. Cracking work!

The web site,, is designed to help the estimated 100,000 English fans expected to travel to Germany for the 32-team tournament that starts in Munich on June 9 and concludes with the July 9 final in Berlin.

"Germany will be hosting the world's biggest party and it will make a great job of it," said British Ambassador Peter Torry in a statement announcing the new Web site ahead of Friday's draw in Leipzig.

Torry said that with its 100,000 fans, England would have more supporters in Germany than any other team (with the exception of Germany). Britain has assigned a dedicated soccer attache with a staff of 20 to coordinate the embassy's World Cup activities.

The Web site contains information for fans and journalists that includes details about the World Cup venues, tips about German soccer culture and other bits of off-beat advice.

"Ihm war kotzuebel" (He was sick as a parrot) and "Er kotzte wie ein Reiher" (He puked his guts up) are in the guide, as is "Wembley-tor" (Wembley goal)--the controversial 1966 World Cup final extra time goal by Geoff Hurst when England beat West Germany.
"Fußball ist ein einfaches Spiel. 22 Männer rennen 90 Minuten lang einem Ball hinterher. Und am Ende gewinnen die Deutschen."

Translates as: "Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans win."

(Gary Lineker after Germany's defeat of England in a penalty shoot-out in 1990)
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